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03-30-2006, 09:01 PM
Who is going to see Slither film? Maybe I will...

This movie is about a horror feast with things that go slither, like in the title. Snakes? Worms? Take your pick. Alien parasites turn small-town residents into mutants and zombies. Hopefully, it has a few laughs. If not, the audience will supply them anyway.

03-31-2006, 10:32 PM
We, (me and my finacee) went and saw SLITHER movie today. WE loved it. Without giving away anything good.

Witty and extremely funny dialogue Special Effects/Makeup that was very cool. A soundtrack to die for (someone has a very weird sense of humor).

On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it 8.75 - It was enjoyable, but not too serious and goodtime flick. Plus it has Nathan Fillon... Always nice to look at a hottie! LOL

04-24-2006, 09:07 AM
i dont know what slither is about and i havent seen it but if anyone has you should message me and tell me your thoughts about it at vladchillingham39wife thanx

04-24-2006, 10:32 AM
I'm not gonna give out the details. Please read my own first post above on #1.

05-05-2011, 11:22 PM
Slither was decent. A similar movie was Growth, but a bit less campy.

05-06-2011, 06:09 AM
Slither 2 is still in talk.

05-06-2011, 12:49 PM
Slither was enjoyable. Much better than most of the crap that's called horror.

05-06-2011, 01:31 PM
Slither was enjoyable. Much better than most of the crap that's called horror.
i love this movie. a great gorey, b-movie. nathan filion is great, elizabeth banks is fun, michael rooker is delightfully creepy and gross.

05-06-2011, 07:55 PM
I also love this movie. Great characters, awesome FX and actually funny humor. A great movie all around.

I laugh my ass off at the "We're itchy" line every time I watch it.

05-06-2011, 11:46 PM
I watched this last Halloween...super flick with lots of laughs and over-the-top situations. I'd recommend it and yeah..Michael Rooker is a hoot in this one! :)