View Full Version : Demonic Toys 2 Personal Demons.

02-01-2010, 08:24 PM
"Demonic Toys 2" is Finally Released and it marks "Full Moons" True Return to it's Old School Paramount Era Franchises.

It has a Return of Another Full Moon Character Dr Lorca (Michael Citrini) from "Hideous" who is Now Collecting "Demonic Toys".

In this Movie Dr Lorca and His New Bride are in Italy With Two of The Toys from The First Movie to Purchase a New Demonic Toy at a Castle. But The New Toy comes to Life and Brings the Other Two Toys Back to Life who start to Slaugther Everybody at The Castle.

There is Not Really a Plot in this Movie The Toys seem to Be Killing for No Real Reason Except for Fun (Which I have No Problem with) I would call this Movie Full Moons first "Gonzo Killer Toy Movie".

This Movie felt like a Test of All The New Puppet Effects that they were Thinking of Using in all Future Productions Especially Because "Puppet Master Axis of Evil" has The same Special Effects Artist.

Overall a Watchable Movie and a Nice Start to "Full Moons" Return to their Old School Franchises.

What are Thoughts of "Demonic Toys 2".