View Full Version : Horror Movies Released in October 2009

10-30-2009, 08:45 AM
Halloween is almost upon us! In case you're looking for a horror marathon, here's a list of a few horror flicks which were released on DVD during the month of October.

Blood: The Last Vampire - A half-vampire takes on bloodsuckers in 70's Japan. Based on the anime.

The Butcher - When a couple fails to pay a loan shark, they're tortured to death in a bloody faux-snuff film from Asia.

Dead Air - Bill Moseley plays a radio DJ who's live during a zombie outbreak.

Deadlands 2: Trapped - Survivors of a zombie attack seek refuge in a movie theater.

Drag Me to Hell - Sam Raimi directs this tale of a young woman cursed by a gypsy.

Happy Birthday to Me - Classic 80's slasher flick.

Maskhead - A pair of evil lesbians make fetish videos with the help of a masked killer.

Night of the Creeps - Classic combination of horror and sci-fi from 1986.

Orphan - A couple adopt a young girl only to find that she's more than they bargained for.

Stan Helsing - A video store clerk descended from the legendary monster hunter is forced to live up to his birthright.

The Stepfather - A deranged man looks for the perfect family, but he kills those who don't live up to his expectations.

Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead - Escaped convicts vs. cannibal hillbillies.

Zombie Dearest - A man digs up a zombie in the backyard of his wife's childhood home. Then things get weird.