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09-03-2009, 08:46 PM
We want your films! (http://phxfearfilmfestival.com/submissions.html)

We're accepting submissions for the 3rd Annual Phoenix Fear Film Festival. We want feature films and short films

To submit your film directly with us
Simply follow these instructions:

It's pretty damn simple. We need a DVD of your finished film: Region 0 or 1, NTSC is best, but we can handle most zones and formats. Send it to:
Chris McLennan
PO Box 13653
AZ 85267, USA
You need to include the submission fee too: a check for the appropriate amount as below, made payable to 'Chris McLennan':
Early Bird Deadline (June 15th) - short films $15, features $25
Regular Deadline (July 31st) - short films $20, features $35
Late Deadline (EXTENDED UNTIL NOVEMBER 15TH!) - short films $30, features $45
If you're a film student, take $5.00 off any of these prices - you must include proof of your eligibility with the submission. [And in case you're wondering, short films are 30 minutes or less. Features run at least 75 minutes. If you're in the middle...sorry. Maybe next year, we'll add a "long shorts" section to the festival!]
Also included should be at the very least your contact information. No, really: you'd be surprised how many people forget this, apparently trivial, piece of data, leaving us hunting through the credits and/or Google for something we can use. Name, address, email, telephone number: it's all good. Background info would be nice: it won't affect your chances of acceptance, but if you are chosen, we'll need some for the program, etc.
All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of hardened horror freaks - we'll get back to you, by Christmas 2009 at the latest, and let you know whether you've been accepted. If you want, we can also review the film in detail on TrashCity.org; that is entirely optional, but if you're looking to get buzz started, that would be a good way, since the site gets 1,000+ visitors per day. Let us know with your entry if you'd rather we didn't do that though, and we'll happily keep quiet.
What's in it for me, you say? Well, the winner of both the Best Short and Best Feature will receive a domestic and International distribution deal from Brain Damage Films and Maxim Media International. There is no better way to get your film seen by horror fans. Other entries may also be offered contracts, if they're deemed worthy, but the winners get that as a guarantee. There'll also be an 'Audience Choice' award for the best single film, be it short or feature. We haven't quite worked out what the prize is for that yet though!
Any questions, please feel free to email us, using the link on the left, or you can call 602 399 9500, and we'll happily answer your queries. Or email us at director@phxfearfilmfestival.com

Chris McLennan
Festival Director
3rd Annual Phoenix Fear Film Festival
www.phxfearfilmfestival.com (http://www.phxfearfilmfestival.com)

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