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01-05-2009, 06:32 PM
Does anyone else love this classic horror film as much as I do? Starring Dana Andrews, Night of the Demon is it's British title while in the US it was released as Curse of the Demon. Exactly the same film but Curse of the Demon has about ten minutes of various scenes cut from it. Both films are available on a single DVD (which I have) and it's only currently available from the US (region 1). Although a British film, it can't be bought in Britain for some reason but, then again, nor can a few other British horror films I have in my DVD collection.
It's a black and white film made in 1956 so it obviously doesn't have the modern special affects and computer generated images of a contemporary film. The demons, for example, are a bit clunky and puppet like.
This apart it's still a fantastic horror film with a brilliant plot. Also, the sense of unease portrayed in the film as 'the time gets closer' is really tangible.
If you haven't seen it then prepare to be scared when you do. :eek:

Yosemite Slam
02-10-2009, 04:33 PM
I love Night of the Demon. It proves that horror can be intelligent and about ideas, mood and performance, rather than just cheap thrills and gore. I have to say I think the demon in it still holds up pretty well given the film's age. It even manages to make Stone Henge seem like a place of magic and mystery which takes some doing if you've ever been there and seen what it's really like.

It also inspired a Kate Bush song. What more recommendation could a movie need?