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06-07-2008, 12:19 PM
There is a new Stephen King adaptation in the works. It is based off the story "Cain Rose Up." Filmmaker Jeven Dovey optioned the rights in the beginning of the year and is now looking for help from people who want to get this film made.

Film's Logline:
Who has the final say when it comes to morality? Curt Garrish believes his twisted view on life trumps even Godís guiding light.

This film is an interesting look into school shootings, religion, and moral theory. Who is right? Can anyone know that they are acting out Godís hidden wishes? Is there justification for horrible acts such as these? All questions that have been festering in the minds of people from the beginning of time. Curt, on the other hand, believes he does know the answer to these questions, and through this short film we see his complete way of life.

For more information about this film check out the official website,

www.cainroseupmovie.com (http://www.cainroseupmovie.com)

If you want to see any of Jeven's previous works take a look at his website, Jeven's award winning film Falling is posted and his newest one Watching the World Die is a great film about the end of the world.

www.jevenproductions.com (http://www.jevenproductions.com)

To talk to Jeven directly go to his myspace and shoot him a message. www.myspace.com/jeven_productions (http://www.myspace.com/jeven_productions).