View Full Version : two horror flicks you can't miss

05-11-2008, 12:49 PM
Horror fans; this is not an attempt to spam but simply to point your attention quickly towards two new horror films which has been underpromoted a tad.

Both are produced by Cetus Productions, and reviewers have so far like them. You can find reviews of both on their respective homepages.

The story about a peaceful and somewhat lonely guy who one day clicks and turns serial killer.
Starring: Kim Sønderholm, Lloyd Kaufman, Manoush, Peter Ottesen, Christian Magdu, Jan Tjerrild, Claire Ross-Brown, Barbara Zatler, Alice Haaber, Russ Diaper and pin-up models Sarah Louise Christiansen and Jenni Lykke Olsen
Available from the website www.craigthemovie.com (http://www.craigthemovie.com)

Nine tales of human cruelty by nine different directors.
Starring: Jonathon Trent, Heather Tom, Kim Sønderholm, Claire Ross-Brown, Mandy Amano, Rachel Grubb, Heather Amos, Russ Diaper, Paul Kelleher, Joyia Fitch, Jerod Edington, Guy Nardulli and many others.

Available from the website www.thehorrorvault.net (http://www.thehorrorvault.net)
Both films are released unrated and contains scenes of violence, nudity and obscene images. So be aware. But then again, people in these forums usually like that, stuff, right? heh

Both are gonna be reviewed in the July issue of Fangoria!

So support indie horror and order your copies today! Discs are delivered from the US but can be ordered in the whole world.